Greymalkin (ashamdon) wrote in ororo_storm,

RPG Recruiting

I'll spare you the perfect Storm pun, since it's doubtless been done to death, but that's exactly what I'm looking for ...

I'm the owner-admin of an X-Men movieverse rpg/shared writing game, and we need a Storm. We've been trying to do without one (having her off on a mysterious mission for Xavier), but it's just not the same. She's a crucial part of the team and brings a lot to them and the story on many levels (not just her ability to toss Sabretooth a country mile). If you're interested, we'd love to have someone who knows and loves the character and wants to explore her join us.

Our story began just after the end of X1. We're weaving in some characters, events, and ideas from X2 and X3, but taking it in our own direction. Stryker and his organization are, unbeknownst yet to the X-Men, a far greater threat than the now-shattered Brotherhood. With the attempted assassination of the President, they have already struck once from the shadows, and that was only the beginning ...

Interested in learning more? Drop by the forum, or I can be YM/AIM'd at quantumowl.

Hope to hear from you!
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